Some Interesting Facts about Your Teeth

At , Dr. and our team want our patients in , , to know just how important your smile is. Various parts work together to create your confident smile: your teeth, gums, cheeks, tongue, throat, and even saliva production. This Thanksgiving, we are sharing some interesting facts about your teeth to encourage you to show appreciation… Read more »

Dental Implants and Missing Teeth

You know that a missing tooth can be embarrassing, but do you know what you can do about the problem? When you consider your options, we recommend considering the benefits of dental implants. But do you know what happens when you get an implant? Will your implant blend well with your smile? Dental implants are… Read more »

Dentures Can Restore the Function and Appearance of Your Missing or Compromised Teeth

Long term issues with tooth decay and periodontal disease can result in missing or compromised teeth. As time goes by and you lose more function in your mouth, it can have a serious negative impact on your quality of life. In a case like this Dr. might recommend having some or all of your remaining… Read more »

Consequences of Nail Biting

Everyone gets nervous in their lives, whether they have a job interview, a performance on stage, or have to have an unpleasant conversation. Similarly, as you probably know, many people have nervous habits, such as a tapping of fingers, shaking your leg, or biting your nails. While most nervous habits won’t affect your health, biting… Read more »

Installing a New Bridge

There are several different ways that people can lose a tooth. While teeth are most commonly lost as a result of unchecked tooth decay, it’s not unheard of for a tooth to be fractured, cracked or knocked out so traumatically that even the highly trained dental professionals at cannot repair it. In a situation like… Read more »

Teeth-Grinding: The Ways to Treat the Habit

Teeth grinding in , , also known as bruxism, is a harmful and destructive habit that can alter your oral health by fracturing, breaking, and wearing down your teeth. It can also cause problems with the jaw. This is why our team strongly recommends avoiding this habit at all costs. However, we understand how tricky… Read more »

Four Ways to Care for Your New Filling

Did you just get a brand-new tooth filling, or are you considering getting one? If so, it’s good to be informed on how to take care of your filling to avoid damage or discomfort. 1. Know how long it takes for your filling to set. The two most popular types of fillings are composite (plastic)… Read more »

Insights for Taking Proper Care of a Temporary Crown

The hard plastic cap of your temporary crown is only meant to protect the abutment while the dental lab is preparing your permanent crown. The temporary crown does not effectively restore the full function of the tooth. If your temporary crown comes loose or is damaged the abutment could break off, which could require a… Read more »

Nitrous Oxide

Many people experience anxiety when they visit the dentist or when they need care for their smile. Modern dental technology provides greater patient comfort than ever before, and many dentists offer a variety of sedative options for their patients. A popular, mild sedative among many dentists is nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing… Read more »

Beautify Your Smile With Resolutions This Year

As you wish for a more radiant and beautiful smile, it’s time to finally take action. This year, instead of making your old, boring resolutions, try making a resolution for your smile. There are many ways you can finally achieve the smile of your dreams, and you can take that first step by making one… Read more »