A Knocked Out Tooth Needs Immediate Treatment

A Knocked Out Tooth Needs Immediate Treatment

Sometimes a blow to the face or a hard fall can actually knock one of your teeth out of the socket. This is even more likely if you participate in contact sports or other rigorous activities without proper protection from a mouth guard.

The dentists at [practice_name] offer a few basic first aid and treatment considerations to keep in mind to help care for a knocked out tooth.

If there is blood or debris in your mouth you can rinse it away and sooth the injured tissues with lukewarm salt water. This will help you get a clear understanding of the extent of the damage to your gums, and ascertain if any of the tooth remains in the socket.

A [practice_name] dentist could potentially implant the knocked out tooth back into the socket, so long as it is whole and still alive.

If the knocked out tooth is whole and complete, you can alive by holding it between your cheek and gums. There are also tooth preservation products available for sale that are filled with a specially formulated nourishing gel. To use it, you simply place the knocked out tooth in the canister and seal it. The gel should keep the tooth alive for a few hours while you make your way to [practice_name]’s offices in [city], [state].

If the tooth was fractured, damaged or there is some of it still lodged in the socket, your dentist will likely need to perform a root canal. In an extreme case the remainder of the tooth will need to be extracted.

If one of your teeth has been knocked out, you should not hesitate in calling [practice_name]’s office in [city], [state] at [phone] to set up an emergency appointment.

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