3 Reasons to Get a Dental Cleaning

3 Reasons to Get a Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings are extremely important, but do you ever wonder why? Well, our [practice_name] team is happy to tell you! A routine dental cleaning is vital because:

It prevents cavities
The main task of your appointment is to deeply and professionally clean your smile. Our team will thoroughly clean each tooth with a variety of different tools that will free your chompers from the harmful particles that threaten it. This will greatly help prevent tooth decay. Our team will also provide you with a fluoride treatment, which is a great way to strengthen your teeth and nourish your smile.

It prevents tooth loss
Gum disease is a horrific dental condition that forms when plaque is left to grow on your smile. If the disease is not treated, it can result in tooth loss. The only way to completely remove the plaque from the surfaces of your teeth is to attend your dental cleanings.

It helps brighten your smile
During your appointment, our team will polish your smile and lift any tooth stains that are present. This will give you the bright and shiny smile you are looking for.

Now remember, you need to make sure to attend your dental cleanings every six months. If you do, these five facts will be true for you personally! If you have any questions or if you need to schedule your next cleaning, please feel free to call [phone] and talk to a member of our team. Dr. [doctor_name] will be happy to meet with you at your earliest convenience!

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