Our seasoned dentists and dental team at Corona Dental are committed to keeping your smile in the best possible health. We strive to help you keep your natural teeth healthy for a lifetime. In certain circumstances, however, removing a seriously decayed or injured tooth may be the best option for returning your smile to good health. Drs. Waite and Slovan may recommend tooth extraction (tooth removal) in the following cases:

  • There are too many teeth to correctly fit in your  mouth, causing problematic crowding
  • An infection has destroyed a significant portion of the tooth and supporting bone
  • A tooth is so badly injured or decayed that we cannot effectively restore the tooth with a filling, crown, or other dental restoration

We work hard to ensure that your dental experience is comfortable and enjoyable each time you visit our office, even for tooth extraction. We will gently, skillfully remove the tooth and provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your smile as it heals. We are also happy to discuss our tooth replacement options with you both before and after your tooth extraction in Tucson, Arizona. To learn more about tooth extraction, we invite you to contact us soon. We are dedicated to improving your oral health.