If tooth decay has reached the inner portion of your tooth, then root canal treatment may be the right option to restore your smile. Commonly called a root canal, root canal treatment is our most regular endodontic service. The branch of dentistry focused on treating infections and damage to the dental pulp and tooth nerves, endodontics can save your tooth and relieve pain. The goal of a root canal in Tucson, Arizona is to remove all decay and infection and to restore the integrity of your tooth structure.

Under the caring direction of our dentists, Drs. Waite and Slovan, root canal treatment only takes one or two visits to Corona Dental and is virtually painless. We provide high-quality local anesthesia and sedation to ensure you are comfortable throughout the entire process. After all infected dental pulp has been removed, we will place a strong, rubber-like material inside of your tooth. The tooth is then sealed off with a dental filling or crown.

If left untreated, tooth decay and infection inside of your tooth can eventually cause tooth and bone loss. We offer root canal treatment to keep your smile healthy and pain free for a lifetime. For more information, please contact us today. We are happy to answer your questions about our root canal treatments.